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About Lillie

I believe in the power of storytelling and the beauty of raw moments and unfiltered emotion. 


I fell in love with weddings the very first time I photographed one...

I still remember the first time I felt the power of capturing the little moments: the bride and her mother locking eyes before the ceremony, packing years of memories into one long gaze; the groom’s eyes filling unexpectedly as he sees her standing with her dad; the subtle hand squeeze that says “Let’s do this!” while the guests hear only the wedding vows; the sweet whisper from her father as he tries to remember to keep dancing. Those moments make up your story - of a relationship, of a day, of a family. It’s why I fell in love with photography: one image opens a window into the life of another human. 

As the youngest in a family full of lawyers, I suppose you could say I chose a slightly different path...

I live in Denver, CO – a place I have come to love - but home is North Carolina. I began taking photos in high schooI and realized in college the power of photography. Thailand nurtured my love of photography while our team of students and coaches from the UNC School of Journalism developed an award winning multimedia project on life after the Tsunami. During my senior year of college I interned with The Herald Sun in Durham, which deepened my understanding of the relationship between story and photograph. After graduating with a BA in Photojournalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, I decided to backpack for a year with my best friend and my camera. During parts of our travels, language barriers pushed me to rely more heavily on my camera to understand people and the lives they were willing to share with these young travelers. The camera provided a universal language and a timeless way of sharing. I was hooked. 


I am there to tell your story through the genuine moments of your day and your life…

I want to capture your day, your family, your event. Whether I’m helping a couple share the story of their wedding, capturing the subtleties of a personality through a portrait, or documenting a flood in Thailand, I bring my own creative element and the fresh perspective of a documentary style to each opportunity.