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After our brief stint as darkroom developers, I went to college and decided to major in Photojournalism. I didn’t really know what it was, but I knew 2 things: I loved photography and I had no interest in science and math. I loved it. I loved learning about people and then figuring out creative ways to capture them. I loved the way people allowed me into their lives and trusted me to tell their stories.

At the time, my parents were both lawyers, my sister was in law school and my brother was headed that way (though the oldest, he needed a few ski-bum years in Colorado first). So photojournalism was a bit outside of the “family business.” However, from my dad’s darkroom experiment to my mom framing giant “street photography” portraits of strangers in our living room (my very first school project), I felt plenty of support.  

I interned with a Durham newspaper in college and learned what photojournalism really felt like. It was hard and it was exhausting, but it was also thrilling. I traveled to Thailand with a group of students and coaches to work on a documentary, and it was there that I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. For the first time in my life, the whole world disappeared and I got lost in the story I was telling. I got lost in the amazing life of a boy in Thailand, his family and his journey.

After college, my best friend and I traveled around the world for a year and my love for travel and documenting lives and cultures deepened. Though we swore we’d never settle-down and that we’d travel forever, I eventually moved back to North Carolina and began photographing weddings. To my surprise, I fell in love with them. It was journalism, it was a story, it was full of real moments, real emotion and real people. Though I still do documentary work and still consider it my passion, I realized I could do and love both.

SO, that brings me to now. I live in Denver, Colorado with my beer-making, mountain-climbing, engineer boyfriend and our dog Rambo. And my travel-buddy-best-friend lives up the street with her fiancé (so at least we decided to stay-put for a while together). I consider myself pretty lucky because not only did I find my passion at a fairly young age, I have also been able to make that into a career that I love.